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Steel Wheels Gold Cup Qualifier

The house was packed full of BMX racers and families from across the Midwest. There was BMX lovers new and old, from near and far, and they were everywhere you turned. There was massive traffic by the 685 Designs headquarters like this lady from Akron, Ohio who bought two bags from us. The racers were from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and that was just who we talked to. The place was crazy and full of excitement that only can be experienced at a BMX race! I thought I heard someone say that there was slightly over 100 motos. That is a fantastic moto count and there're was an unbelievable amount of action out on the track. Great job...

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Rock Island Indoor BMX Illinois State Qualifier

Rock Island Indoor BMX is a very unique track. There is not any other track in the country like this one. The track is just a gate on concrete with wooden jump and a skate park jump strategically placed in your typical "U inside of a U" shaped track. The Volunteers do an amazing job building the track, running practices, having multiple races (including the opening 2020 Illinois State Qualifier), hosting a beginner league, and tearing down the track all in 30 days. Here was your track details! The gate was on flat concrete so it was like digging yourself out of a hole since there was no starting hill. The first straight this year had no jumps so it...

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Steel Wheels Indoor BMX "Old Dudes" Money Open

The "Old Dudes" Money Open double points race was a fantastic race for 685 Designs and thanks to Steel Wheels for putting on this awesome event!. The track like always was dialed in and ready for action! If you have never had a chance to witness a race at Steel Wheels Indoor BMX, it is non stop action for 5 hours except the occasional break between the motos rounds and before the mains. There was 64 motos posted on the motos boards and that was a good solid number with the threat of nasty weather approaching. Like every race, we saw blood, sweat, tears as competitors are faced with the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat! With weather...

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Slow Season = Design Season

Since it is design season for 685 Designs, I have been working hard on creating new products for our 685 Designs customers. I have created a BMX embroidered Pom-Pom Beanies with matching Scarves, the newly re-designed GRAB HOLD OF THESES LOVE HANDLES in a muscle shirt, and the new BMX BILL OF RIGHTS in a short and long sleeve shirts. I have included a picture of the BMX BILL OF RIGHTS in this blog posts. I will be heading up to Steel Wheel Indoor BMX December 15th for the Big Dudes Money Open then to the Rock Island Indoor Illinois State Qualifier January 5th. If you can not wait till then and need some of our BMX Street Wear now,...

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Indiana State Championship at Steel Wheels BMX

This year, the Indiana State Championship was help at the newly revamped Steel Wheels Indoor BMX. Steel Wheels BMX resurfaced the whole track, got rid of two table tops and added several different jumps, and bowled out all the turns. The track offered some exciting indoor BMX action! The Championship race had 65 motos and a packed crowd. The weather was not an issue for the riders and spectators as the race was indoors. The trip home from Hobart was eventful. A semi was stop and being repaired in the middle of the interstate causing a 10 MPH four lane traffic jam that added about a hour to our trip, multiple road construction sites that really slowed traffic down to...

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