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Waukegan State and Gold Cup Qualifiers

The Waukegan Illinois State race and the Gold Cup Qualifier were fantastic races to attend. The weather was wonderful. It was on the warm side and there was a chance of unexpected rain but ended up just getting a sprinkle. The moto count was 40 motos for the state race and 48 for the Gold Cup Qualifier. That is not bad moto numbers for a state race or a Gold Cup Qualifier. But they could be better! The action on the track though should be the topic of this blog post. The track is very long, fast, and technical. You got to see a lot of jumping, passing, and the gassing out of racers because of the length of track. It was a very fun and entertaining two races to watch. They also had a food truck there that had really good tacos and a unbelievable raffle by the Waukegan track. Although it take 4 hours to get there and 4 hours to get back, excited for the next time we head north to Waukegan!

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