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Waukegan Illinois State Qualifier

The Waukegan BMX track is the furthest north track of all the Illinois tracks. This long back-and-forth track has three paved turns and four straights with multiple sizeable doubles and tables. The track is well groomed, fast and offers riders and spectators an eyeful of excitement for their BMX viewing pleasure. The facility is one of the nicer tracks in Illinois and is definitely worth the trip up north to race this track. Their State Qualifier had 45 motos and that is a modest State Qualifier number. The moto numbers don't represent how big this race was until you look at the pits. The BMX pits was a rocking place at Waukegan on Saturday. Everyone was very friendly and was enjoying all the BMX action and fun this track has to offer. 685 Designs is heading to the Illinois State Qualifier in Elgin this weekend. See you there!

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