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The Garden - Chicago Dirt Jumps

The Garden is a tranquil BMX paradise that is nestled in the suburban chaos of the big city of Chicago. These trails are sometimes the only refuge and escape a kid can get from the big city life.The Garden has a pump track that has some newly groomed jumps and high banked turns that carry you threw a 20 second roller coaster ride. Well, that was the faster time yesterday in the pump track time trial. The pump coarse is not short, that guy was just super fast. The Garden also has some huge trail like sections that offers a gigantic drop in from a Conex box, massive lips, jump or die gaps, and smooth wide landings. There are several lines that intertwine with each other and jump over each other in different sections. Very cool the craftmanship and work that goes into making these trails. Big Salute to the crew that works on The Garden - Chicago Dirt Jumps. 685 Designs considers The Garden to be very important to the BMX Dirt riding and jumping scene which makes it easy for us to support.

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  • Dominic

    Thank you for the kind words!

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