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This is Sean and his BMX bike. He just completed the beginner league at the Springfield BMX Raceway and then his bike gets stolen! Sean is very heart broken that someone would steal his only bike just before Christmas! If you have seen Sean's bike, please contact Lisa Rowden or Springfield BMX Raceway to help return this bike to Sean please

This was just not a post about Sean's stolen bike, this was about ways to prevent your bike from being stolen. In prosperous times there will always be thieves looking to make a quick dollar! In this point in time, it is very important to keep your eyes out for these cockroaches that come out to steal a little boys and girls bikes! Bikes can be easily taken, parts switched, and sold for quick money on the streets. Moms an dads need to imbed into the heads of their children that their bikes do not leave their sight or it gets locked away so it cant be stolen!

Children have to be taught that money does not grow on trees and bikes are not cheap! So, boys and girls have to treat that bike like it is attached to their hip! Whenever you are out with your bike, that bike NEVER leaves your sight! If you want to go into a place and that place does not allow your bike inside, then you lock it up that bike or THAT BIKE DOES NOT LEAVE YOUR SIGHT! When you are done riding your bike, the bike needs to be brought into the house or a garage and locked in a secure manner. These simple methods can help you from getting your bike stolen.

This will NEVER stop thieves, but following these steps can assist you in getting your BMX bike from stolen!

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