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North Central Gold Cup Championship at Burdette Park BMX

If you have never raced Burdette Park BMX in Evansville, Indiana, You need to add this track to your BMX bucket list. This track is far from your typical cookie cutter BMX track. Take a look at the aerial image I included with this post and you will see how beautiful this track is. Evansville's track is a fast roller coater ride that starts with 3 downhill straights, very technical "S" turn. Then the track changes into a different beast! The 4th straight is a wicked downhill straight that has three big jumps which offers the crowd a spectacular jumping show with Mach 4 speeds. I think some of these kids came close to breaking the sound barrier down that 4th straight!  Then you run into an unpaved BERMZILLA that you definitely need to harness all the speed you gained from the 4th straight! Finally, you run into a the last straight that is a slightly uphill rhythm section. Burdette Park BMX accomplished some major renovation to the track. For starters, they raised their gate about 4 feet (major improvement), seal-coated all the asphalt turns, applied soil-tac to all straights, and other improvement that I probably did not notice. Their camping facility was awesome as they even have a shower house for the campers. USABMX needs to give this track a national because it is one of a kind, extremely fun track to ride, and they know how to put on a show!

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