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Indiana State Championship at Steel Wheels BMX

This year, the Indiana State Championship was help at the newly revamped Steel Wheels Indoor BMX. Steel Wheels BMX resurfaced the whole track, got rid of two table tops and added several different jumps, and bowled out all the turns. The track offered some exciting indoor BMX action! The Championship race had 65 motos and a packed crowd. The weather was not an issue for the riders and spectators as the race was indoors. The trip home from Hobart was eventful. A semi was stop and being repaired in the middle of the interstate causing a 10 MPH four lane traffic jam that added about a hour to our trip, multiple road construction sites that really slowed traffic down to 45 mph, and a person on the interstate diving 40 mph while everyone else was moving at 75 MPH. At least we did not get stuck by a train on the way back from Hobart this year. Overall it was a good race to attend!

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