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Farmer City Rebuild Race

Farmer City BMX just had their track rebuilt! The actual rebuild race was a small race but the main goal was to check out that new track. Here is the scoop on the  new track with a little history of their different track configurations. When the track was built it had 5 turns and 6 straights (very long). Farmer City then put in an option (short track) to race on hot days. They eventually took out 2 turns and two straights. That configuration lasted for more than a decade. Lets get to that new track!!! Everyone has to understand this rebuild still needs some little tweaks, so there is still more work to be done. Farmer City could use your help if you are a local BMX racing family. I could easily talk about what I would have did different. When it comes down to it, there is very little of what I would have done different. Instead, I am going to describe the attributes that I love about the new track! The big step that is going into the first turn has a huge backside. This backside perfectly contours itself into a massive bowled out first turn. I mean, this turn has to be 20 feet tall. The second straight leads towards the gate which allow the first and second turn each to have a wider radius. The second straight has this nice step up step down jump (Camel Back) in it. The second turn is no longer a 90 degree turn. It is a monstrous bowled out 135 degree turn that leads you down a rhythm section almost the length of a  football field. The last turn has been converted into two 90 degree turns with a small straight and a roller. This last turn section has an East Moline feel. There is a nice double at the end of track before the finish line that the leaders can also bust out a winning trick over. Farmer City BMX's track rebuild gets two thumbs up from 685 designs! This is a great foundation for big things to come at Farmer City BMX. Get yourself there and ride the new track cause there has to be some things that I missed that you might like!

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