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Farmer City Illinois State Qualifier

Farmer City BMX is located in the heart of Illinois. The tack is not your typical back and forth or a "U" inside of a "U". It is like a back and forth track with the last two straights turned 90 degrees. The track has a tall starting hill and all dirt turns. There is rumor that when that track was first built, they buried a van under the starting hill. The weather this year was hot like normal. It seems like it is always hot, always windy, or both when their Farmer City State Qualifiers are happening. Since Illinois is still in stage IV of the freedom from coronavirus lockdown, Farmer City was force to race block racing and they had 27 motos. This made it confusing, drawn out event in the mid-summer heat. I think that block racing could be improved for the next state qualifier. But for now we have to abide by the rules in order to do what we love to do and that is race our bikes. see you at the next one!

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