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East Moline (P-Lot) State Qualifier

When mother nature does not cooperate with your race schedule and she dumps a monsoon on your track. What do you do? What do you do, if you don't have a track that has soil-tac or a crushed granite surface and it is too wet to race? You cant reschedule cause the championship is next weekend! East Moline BMX Speedway moves all their equipment for the Rock Island Indoor track to the race car parking lot across the field from track. The weather turned out to be beautiful and the track was dialed in as much as you can have with a P-Lot race. Let's get to the race and action! The race had 188 riders that made up 43 motos! This is excellent for a parking lot race! The race was crazy and action packed every minute we were there. The 50/50 had a s split of $1616 with the winner taking home $808! That is a house payment! The money open main had mass carnage every where in the first straight and in the second turn with only 3 riders of the 8 staying up the whole race. There was a young man that attempted a backflip over the big skate park jump that ended with a major fail. Overall, this was an incredible race as it had an excellent vibe where almost everyone was in great spirits and happy to be outside enjoying what they love! Hats off to Paul and crew for pulling this race off and making it one to remember! Thanks!

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