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East Moline BMX 2020 season opener

June 7th 2020 was the opening day race for the East Moline BMX Speedway. This race marked the latest starting date on any season in their history. They ended up having 14 packed motos and two racks of racers fighting over $120 in the money open class. Not bad for a season opener! Paul DePauw is the long time track operator. If you have not been to a race at Moline, Paul sets the tone of the race by starting the race off by playing the national anthem on his guitar. It is sooo RAD!! The track is your typical 4 straight back and forth track except for the last turn has a little straight with a roller in the middle of the straight. The tracks last turn adds more of a technical aspect to the track than just a normal 180 degree turn. If you have never been to a Moline race, I see a road trip in your future! Thanks to everyone that purchased some BMX Street Wear & Accessories from us. See you at the next one.

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