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BMX Beginner League (a great way to grow rider count and volunteers)

The BMX Beginner League is unquestionably the way to go to grow rider count and track volunteers! The old day of just relying on word of mouth, passing out pamphlets, riding in parades and participating in exhibitions to grow your program is not all that needs to be done. Today, track operators need to add the BMX Beginner League to all that! I have seen tracks struggle with only having a handful of motos every race to running 20 plus motos. This can be directly related to running a consistent BMX Beginner League program. I personally saw a track go from struggling to get the minimum of three motos to having over 10 motos and over 10 new volunteers after 1 BMX Beginner league. The BMX Beginner League teaches individualism, competition, sportsmanship, goals, and respect. This is a program that teaches life lessons though BMX! If you don't have or are worried about not having the riders or volunteers, I promise you that after running your first BMX Beginner league, you will have new riders and volunteers at your track. Consistently running the BMX Beginner League will assist your track to flourish, TAKE MY WORD!

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