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Back to BMX Basics

Back to BMX Basics

Many of your basic BMX skills can be practice away from the track. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, expert, or a pro, it is always a good idea to step back and refresh some of the BMX Basics. Seated wheelies, standing wheelies, bunny hops, manualling, and balancing, are just a few of the basic skills that can always be perfected, and you don't need a BMX track to do it. Clark & Kent Contractors, (2021) states that “The main thing that separates BMX bike winners from wannabes is confidence on the track, and that trust comes from practice, practice, practice.” Practicing the basic BMX skills prepares you for more advanced skill technics. Now that we have explained the basics skills that can be practice off the track. Let talk about knowing your place in a race on the track.

BMX racing can throw you in with 7 other riders on the gate. From the point when that gate drops to the finish line is an all-out battle for positioning and place on the track. “Awareness of other riders is crucial to success.” in a BMX race (Clark & Kent Contractors, 2021). Beginner riders have the tendency to lower their head in an effort to block out their competition on either side of them while they are powering into the lead. Clark & Kent Contractors, (2021) claims that “experienced riders, however, will remain acutely aware of rivals as they plot to take tactical advantage” The “top-riders” are always “aware” of their position in the pack of “other riders” (C & K Contractors, 2021). Knowing your position in the pack can eliminate the need to look around at the pack and not at the obstacles that are coming at you. C & K Contractors, (2021) expresses that “A common fault of beginner BMX riders is glancing back and drifting across the track.” In the next section we will talk about pumping and the benefit it has on the BMX track.

C & K Contractors, (2021) emphasizes that “Pump races are a great way to build up BMX bike skills. Pumping involves timing and bike and body control. When you approach the jump, you need to be in race position. When you hit the jump, let the bike float up into your body by collapsing the arms and legs. Next when you’re on top of jump, start pushing down with your arms then your legs as you pass over jump. The faster you go the faster your timing of the pump needs to be. These vital BMX skills can then be transferred to the BMX race track. The ability to pump through jumps and increase speed without pedaling will save energy and help you finish your races strong.

Happy BMX training and I hope these small tips help you to become the BMX racer you want to be!


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