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2019 Gold Cup Qualifier at Steel Wheels Indoor BMX

The 2019 Gold Cup Qualifier at Steel Wheels Indoor was a awesome time for 685 Designs. The facility was crammed in with BMX fans from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. There was 110 motos of tight action packed indoor BMX racing. 685 Designs table was set up with skull caps, beanies, hats, and custom BMX bags and I was walking around with all our other BMX Street Wear. It started to snow outside and we though is was time to head on out. The traffic was at a on and off stand still from Hobart, Indiana to Joliet, Illinois. Took us longer to go from Hobart to Joliet than from Joliet to Springfield. We had a great time though. If the weather cooperates, we will see you in Walworth for their Golf Cup.

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