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Rockford Illinois State Qualifier (5/23/2021)

The Rockford State Qualifier was huge! The rumor floating around was that there was over 200 motos. I don't know if that was true, but the race was massive! There was people everywhere you looked! There was something to do, to look at, to eat, or just plain enjoy the BMX DAYS! That is what our newest customer in the picture attached is doing, enjoying the BMX DAYS in her new pink Bucket Hat.. 685 Designs had a great time at Rockford and the 685 ARMY brought home 3 out of a possible 5 trophies. Great job to the 685 ARMY riders! See you at the next one!

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Steel Wheels Gold Cup Qualifier (3/21/2021)

The 2021 Gold Cup Qualifier at Steel Wheels saw a huge turnout and it was epic! I saw cars from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and there was probably some more there that I did not see. I was hoping the weather was going to turn out good for this event since we would have to tailgate in the parking lot due to COVID restrictions. The BMX gods and mother nature provided us with a beautiful day. When I told you that this race was huge; it was 136 motos of intense indoor BMX racing action huge! 685 Designs' BMX ARMY picked up a new two wheel warrior, so now we are an official team and an ARMY of four!  685...

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This is Sean and his BMX bike. He just completed the beginner league at the Springfield BMX Raceway and then his bike gets stolen! Sean is very heart broken that someone would steal his only bike just before Christmas! If you have seen Sean's bike, please contact Lisa Rowden or Springfield BMX Raceway to help return this bike to Sean please This was just not a post about Sean's stolen bike, this was about ways to prevent your bike from being stolen. In prosperous times there will always be thieves looking to make a quick dollar! In this point in time, it is very important to keep your eyes out for these cockroaches that come out to steal a little...

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BMX Beginner League (a great way to grow rider count and volunteers)

The BMX Beginner League is unquestionably the way to go to grow rider count and track volunteers! The old day of just relying on word of mouth, passing out pamphlets, riding in parades and participating in exhibitions to grow your program is not all that needs to be done. Today, track operators need to add the BMX Beginner League to all that! I have seen tracks struggle with only having a handful of motos every race to running 20 plus motos. This can be directly related to running a consistent BMX Beginner League program. I personally saw a track go from struggling to get the minimum of three motos to having over 10 motos and over 10 new volunteers after...

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Getting back to your BMX Roots

Every BMX racer needs to experience grass roots racing. Before I became a BMX racer and started accumulating wins under my belt, my friends and I used our neighborhood as our personal track. Challenging everyone that would race around any track we created. It could have been racing around the light poles in the gravel church parking lot,  racing around a course in a grass field using the trees as our turns, or carving out trails and jumps in the woods and having our own cash open races there. It did not matter because we were BMXers and we were having fun with our bikes! Many of the kids don't get to experience this type of riding on their bike...

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