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Getting back to your BMX Roots

Every BMX racer needs to experience grass roots racing. Before I became a BMX racer and started accumulating wins under my belt, my friends and I used our neighborhood as our personal track. Challenging everyone that would race around any track we created. It could have been racing around the light poles in the gravel church parking lot,  racing around a course in a grass field using the trees as our turns, or carving out trails and jumps in the woods and having our own cash open races there. It did not matter because we were BMXers and we were having fun with our bikes! Many of the kids don't get to experience this type of riding on their bike...

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East Moline (P-Lot) State Qualifier

When mother nature does not cooperate with your race schedule and she dumps a monsoon on your track. What do you do? What do you do, if you don't have a track that has soil-tac or a crushed granite surface and it is too wet to race? You cant reschedule cause the championship is next weekend! East Moline BMX Speedway moves all their equipment for the Rock Island Indoor track to the race car parking lot across the field from track. The weather turned out to be beautiful and the track was dialed in as much as you can have with a P-Lot race. Let's get to the race and action! The race had 188 riders that made up 43...

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Farmer City Rebuild Race

Farmer City BMX just had their track rebuilt! The actual rebuild race was a small race but the main goal was to check out that new track. Here is the scoop on the  new track with a little history of their different track configurations. When the track was built it had 5 turns and 6 straights (very long). Farmer City then put in an option (short track) to race on hot days. They eventually took out 2 turns and two straights. That configuration lasted for more than a decade. Lets get to that new track!!! Everyone has to understand this rebuild still needs some little tweaks, so there is still more work to be done. Farmer City could use your...

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Waukegan Illinois State Qualifier

The Waukegan BMX track is the furthest north track of all the Illinois tracks. This long back-and-forth track has three paved turns and four straights with multiple sizeable doubles and tables. The track is well groomed, fast and offers riders and spectators an eyeful of excitement for their BMX viewing pleasure. The facility is one of the nicer tracks in Illinois and is definitely worth the trip up north to race this track. Their State Qualifier had 45 motos and that is a modest State Qualifier number. The moto numbers don't represent how big this race was until you look at the pits. The BMX pits was a rocking place at Waukegan on Saturday. Everyone was very friendly and was...

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Farmer City Illinois State Qualifier

Farmer City BMX is located in the heart of Illinois. The tack is not your typical back and forth or a "U" inside of a "U". It is like a back and forth track with the last two straights turned 90 degrees. The track has a tall starting hill and all dirt turns. There is rumor that when that track was first built, they buried a van under the starting hill. The weather this year was hot like normal. It seems like it is always hot, always windy, or both when their Farmer City State Qualifiers are happening. Since Illinois is still in stage IV of the freedom from coronavirus lockdown, Farmer City was force to race block racing and...

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